Welcome to the exciting TLC Project!

Trends and technology are always evolving... it’s inevitable. One of the most impactful paradigm shifts of our time that has changed the way we all function on a daily basis is the internet. The internet then spawned email, search engines, online shopping and wifi. New technologies continue to follow such as SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and cloud computing all accessible through smartphones allowing us to cut the cord from the desktop PC. These innovations as well as many others to follow we couldn’t even fathom twenty years ago. They have quickly swept the entire world by storm to become a basic fundamental need to nearly every individual and business. Just as communication technology is constantly evolving, the same goes with currency. In the past few decades, we have gone from a cash society to heavily relying on credit cards, ATMs, PayPal, online, mobile banking, etc.

In fact, major companies around the world are now investing in ecosystems to prepare for the next biggest revolution - cryptocurrency (a form of digital currency), with one of the most recognized being Bitcoin.

Although the awareness of cryptocurrency is on the rise by many individuals, the majority of people are still not even aware of its existence. However, just as the trends of Social Media and other technologies have quickly taken over our daily lives before we even realized it, the cryptocurrency trend will also soon become the next “common” way of handling currency on a global scale.

The incredible opportunity to capitalize on these world changing trends is almost non-existent except to the companies, shareholders, investors, etc who initiate them.

Hundreds of cryptocurrencies are on the rise, with tens of thousands of companies already accepting payment for services in exchange for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are now making a breakthrough in the mainstream. Some of these companies include Microsoft, Dell, eBay, Amazon, Apple, Expedia, PayPal, Tesla, Overstock, Victoria Secret, Newegg, Rakuten, Wikipedia, Zappos to name a few.

TLC (True Life Coin) is not just a cryptocurrency - it’s a complete platform with incredible benefits! TLC, in association with its exclusive Exchange Agent -- Club Sparkle, have created a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in the Digital Currency Revolution.

Our goal is to create true value with the TLC for the people. We will accomplish this through an ecosystem that will allow us to exchange TLC tokens as well as TLC for a variety of products and services. This ecosystem comprises of a strong foundation of committed teams, supporters and a global community that is actively engaged to build True Life Coin’s value. As our database grows, so does TLC’s value and purchasing power. This will build a solid foundation of trust for the TLC, which is the catalyst that will expand our reach around the globe.

This rare opportunity allows people to share the TLC Project through Club Sparkle, and earn huge profits through a revolutionary business model that helps people achieve more and enjoy more... and, of course, that’s what life is all about.

The proof that this rare, innovative concept by TLC and Club Sparkle works... is in the income people are earning now! Just after TLC was introduced through Club Sparkle, people began achieving astonishing results in just their first week by sharing the TLC Project. It could be your turn next!