Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1, What is the (TrueLifeCoin) TLC?
TrueLifeCoin is a new form of digital currency, also known as Cryptocurrency – with the potential to become the new Bitcoin. It is held electronically in a virtual wallet. It is destined to be a very profitable digital currency and the next success story in the industry. TrueLifeCoin (TLC) provides tremendous value as they can be exchanged for products, services while also having the potential to increase in value in the open exchange.
Q2, What is Cryptocurrency?
A form of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units and verify the transfer of funds. Cryptocurrency operates independently from central banks. Cryptocurrency will quickly be the next Paradigm Shift and the next form of money to make payments, and exchange for goods and services.
Q3, What is the TLC Token?
The TLC Token is a digital credit that can be exchanged for Products, TLC, Services, Events, and other items through Sparkle.
Q4, How much is the value of 1 TLC Token?
TLC Tokens have no “monetary value” so they cannot be exchanged for cash. However, the Token to Product exchange is “currently” 375 Tokens to 1 product (example: 1 Nectura). And the TLC Token to TLC exchange is “currently” 11 Tokens to 1 Coin. The value of the Token shall adjust based on market demand. Although the token cannot be exchanged for “cash,” tokens do have a “product value.”
Q5, In the future, could we use TLC just like other currencies?
In the future, we expect TLC to be accepted at all places that accept Bitcoin. Our vision for TLC is to have worldwide acceptance.
Q6, Where can I use the TLC?
TLC can be exchanged for Sparkle and other products. It can also be exchanged for an event. Soon, this coin is scheduled to be available to purchase various items at the Global Mall.
Q7, Is the TLC a “real” physical coin?
The TLC is not a physical, tangible coin. It is a virtual / digital currency, also referred to as a Cryptocurrency, meaning it only exists virtually as a computer algorithm. However, gold plated TLC Collector Series Coins will be issued with the TLC Packages.
Q8, Could I refer people internationally now?
Currently, the TLC Packages are sold not only in Japan, but also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand. Yes, you could refer people within those markets outside Japan. TLC is now expanding to the global market.
Q9, Can I pay by credit card?
Unfortunately, we don’t accept credit cards for TLC Package purchases. You must pay by bank deposit or bank wire.
Q10, How many Packages can I order?
Currently, there is no limit set.
Q11, Can I return or conduct a cooling off on a TLC Package?
Yes. The “refund or cooling off” still applies to TLC Packages. If you proceed with cooling off or a refund, all tokens will be deducted from your account. If you cancel your membership but do NOT receive a refund, you will be able to retain your tokens.
Q12, How much is the NSB (New Spark Bonus) on a TLC pack?
The referrer can earn a 10% NSB on TLC Packages.
Q13, If an existing VIP purchases a TLC Package, can his/her referrer receive a NSB (New Spark Bonus) even if it is not a “first time” order?
Yes, the 10% NSB is still paid on TLC packages even if it is not the existing VIP’s first order.
Q14, If the existing VIP placed another TLC Package re-order, can the referrer earn another 10% NSB again?
Yes, the referrer can earn another 10% NSB from a TLC Package re-order.
Q15, Is the 10% NSB bonus (earned on TLC Packages) paid at the same time as other bonuses (on the 10th & 25th of the month)?
The bonuses are released at the same time into the wallets. You may request a cash out at any time. However, the NSB will be processed to your bank account up to one month after it is posted in your wallet to confirm the passing of the cooling off and return period (up to 31 days).
Q16, Could an Affiliate Plus Member order a TLC Package?
Yes, an Affiliate Plus Member can order a TLC Package. The Membership Fee will be added to the TLC Package Order. By ordering a TLC Package, the Affiliate will immediately be upgraded to a Sparkle VIP.
Q17, Could an Affiliate Plus Member refer a person to purchase a TLC Package?
Yes, an Affiliate Plus Member can directly refer a person to order a TLC Package and will earn a 10% NSB on the TLC order.
Q18, When will I receive the interest payment on the TLC Package I ordered? And will the interest be deposited to my wallet or bank account?
The simple interest will be deposited into the Purchaser’s bank account after their 1 year purchase anniversary. The purchaser should allow up to 14 days for processing. The bank account must be under the name that the purchase was made from. If the name is different, the proper form must be filled out after the 1 year anniversary, and may cause some delays. The interest payments apply only to select TLC Packages. See the TLC Flyer for details. This benefit will be applied only for people who live and register in Japan.
Q19, How long can I earn interest on a TLC Package I ordered?
The company guarantees a “minimum one year” simple interest payment. Any extension beyond the one year will be at the company’s sole discretion. This benefit will be applied only for people who live and register in Japan.