True Life Coin (TLC) is not “just a digital currency” - it’s a complete platform with incredible benefits!

Share the True Life Coin Project with others and EARN unlimited benefits that can change your life. Not only can you earn from sharing TLC, but all products and services provided by Club Sparkle. Each product or package is assigned “points.” Club Sparkle sets aside 55% of all point sales from all products into a “Share the Sales” (STS) Pool that all qualified Club Members get to share in! This “Share Plan” is a proven method that gives generous rewards back to those who believe in us! Not only do Club Members have tremendous earning potential, you can also earn a generous 3 - 10% interest in just one year on your own purchase of a TLC Package (Elite, Royal, Crown or Master packages)!

Qualifying Points

These points qualify toward the number of Shares you can earn. It’s simple - for every 25,000 points on Team A + 25,000 points on Team B, you can receive 1 Share in the 55% STS Pool. Please see the Sparkle Loyalty Plan for details.

STS (Share the Sales) Points

These are the amount of Points from the Package that go into the STS Pool for Members to Share. The total Share Points in the 55% pool is divided by the amount of Shares earned by each qualified Member.

NSB (New Spark Bonus)

Earn a 10% NSB on TLC orders placed by New VIPs and Existing VIPs you personally refer to Sparkle.

Example: You personally refer a friend on your Team A with a MASTER Pack purchase (1,500,000 yen). You earn a 150,000 NSB from this new order. Also, an existing VIP on Team B (personally referred by you) purchases an ELITE Pack (600,000 yen). You earn a 60,000 NSB from this re-order. Total: 210,000 yen NSB earnings.

Share Match

Earn a Match on the amount of Shares that are earned by your personally referred Members and other Members in your Team! You can earn up to 7 levels of the Share Match as long as you meet the following qualifications:

  1. Must be a Sparkle VIP (through the purchase of a VIP Package or TLC Package).
  2. Maintain Active status with a minimum 14,000 points monthly Autoship.
  3. Maintain 2 Active VIPs, each with a personal order of 14,000 points per month (1 on Team A and 1 on Team B).

Example: you purchase a ROYAL Pack. You earn a “Match” on Shares earned in your Level 1 - 5.

Interest Summary

(This benefit will be applied only for people who live and register in Japan.)

The TLC packages of ELITE, ROYAL, CROWN and MASTER are guaranteed a “one year” simple interest payment for those who qualify. To qualify, though the purchaser can exchange their TLC Tokens received from these packages to TLC Coins when this option becomes available, they must not use or exchange any of their TLC Tokens and TLC Coins for 1 entire year from the date of purchase. Any extension of simple interest earning beyond the one year will be at the company’s sole discretion. The simple interest will be deposited into the Purchaser’s Bank account after their 1 year purchase anniversary. Purchaser should allow up to 14 days for processing.

Example: You purchase a MASTER PACK in the amount of 1,500,000 yen. After 1 year, your TLC Tokens and TLC Coins from the MASTER package are unused, aside from exchanging TLC Tokens to TLC Coins. You will receive a 150,000 yen simple interest payment after the 1 year anniversary.